Dr. Carmen D. Arzola, DDS

1414 Metropolitan Ave, The Bronx, NY 10462, USA

About Dr. Carmen D. Arzola, DDS

3.7 / 5

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    Ivy Velez
    April 05, 2021

    My problem with this office is the dentist wants to always be on the phone. I mean it’s like she wants to be the secretary more than a dentist. While performing a clean up she tells the secretary call another patient and pass him on the phone for her to speak with him. I mean what’s the point of having a secretary if you want to be behind the front desk answering calls and you want to set clients appointments. It takes away from time she can be working with patients. Office looks old and dirty. I mean it’s sad she seems like a nice lady but like I read here on another review they don’t do x rays. They want your previous dentist to send your x rays for them to work with you. It’s a old school office in the sense of technology. And yes she is always on the phone trying to talk and convence other clients that don’t have insurance of the prices she has for things. It’s a unprofessional office.

    January 29, 2021

    DON'T GO THERE !!! Worst service, Dentist is very rude.She didn't give my X ray copy after the service,Which is wrong every doctor provide medical report to patients with out any questions.Very bad attitude dentist.One of the worst dentist i had ever seen.

    Nurur Rahman Zayed
    October 08, 2020

    One of the worst service ever spended almost 200 dollars and they didn’t even do the deep cleaning well i was literally bleeding but the dentist lied saying i wasn't when i went to a different dentist they said it wasn’t even done half way you know i kind of feel bad to say it but seems to me that they are more worry about the money then the service they provide to people don’t get tricked by good phone service I absolutely don’t recommend going there

    Alma Moctezuma
    June 13, 2020

    This place does not do xrays of your teeth that it’s suppose to be done every six months. I honestly don’t recommend it at all. Go to a different place

    Bush AR
    September 03, 2020

    She always knows what's best

    Dr. Carmen D. Arzola, DDS

    Our Address

    1414 Metropolitan Ave, The Bronx, NY 10462, USA

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